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Rewriting the American Watch Story

For over 40 years, Waldan has produced exquisite timepieces for jewelers and clients across the globe. Discover the iconic and storied history behind one of the most acclaimed American Watch Companies.

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Inside Hook
The Understated Elegance of Slim Dress Watches
Just as in men’s fashion, the watch world experiences aesthetic cycles. Watch insiders might notice an abundance of new blue-faced watches across various brands, while other years might see the release of interesting new shapes, or perhaps new dive watches. While we won’t delve into the micro-trends, one enduring macro trend is an overarching nod to elegant dress watches.
Teddy Baldassarre
13 American Watch Brands That Should Be on Your Radar in 2024
"Made in America" is a label that is much rarer to find on products now than it was 100 years ago, and that is especially true when it comes to watches. Once a bustling industry in the U.S.A., watchmaking largely migrated away from its traditional American hubs in the early 20th Century to countries like Switzerland and Japan, which still import oodles of watches to the States every year. However, American watchmaking has been seeing a slow, somewhat quiet renaissance over the past couple decades as a new generation of trailblazing entrepreneurs, from all across the U.S., strive to bring the horological trade back to these shores.
Wrist Enthusiast
61 Best Microbrand Watches At All Price-Points in 2023
New York based Waldan Watches has a pretty rich history in the watch space. One of its latest offerings is a colorful sport watch with a unique textured dial that looks miles ahead of its price point. The quartz watch features a linear oil pressed dial with thin baton hands and applied indices. The watch truly has a look dedicated to its design, and it doesn’t break the bank at $299 USD.
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