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Rewriting the American Watch Story

For over 40 years, Waldan has produced exquisite timepieces for jewelers and clients across the globe. Discover the iconic and storied history behind one of the most acclaimed American Watch Companies.

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The Timeless Design And Affordability Of The Waldan Heritage Collection
Upon entering this crazy hobby of ours, one tends to immediately be pulled by the allure of timeless design. Watches from the ’60s and ’70s that live on and are lusted over decade after decade. Sadly, what we as beginners soon realise is that timeless design and affordability tend to live on opposite sides of the spectrum. But luckily, that isn’t always the case. Every once in a while, a brand presents us with both in a perfect little package. Which is exactly what we get with the Waldan Heritage Collection.
Hot 100 American Trailblazers: Andrew Waldan - Waldan Watches
New York native Andrew Waldan’s career in timepieces was written in the stars: he attended his first BaselWorld fair in a pram, and spent his childhood in the offices of the family business, Waldan Watches. He shadowed the watchmakers and designers whenever he had a chance. Even his schooling centered around the business, being sent to a French school on the Upper East Side so that he could learn the most useful language for the industry.
Teddy Baldassarre
50 Best Microbrand Watches - 2022 Complete Guide
Originally founded by Oscar Waldan in 1979, New York-based Waldan Watch Company is enjoying a renaissance under the guidance of Oscar’s son, Andrew Waldan, who revived the dormant brand during the challenging year of 2020. Thus far, Waldan consists of two distinctive sub-families within the flagship Heritage Collection: the dressy Professional, and the more casually colorful Sportline, which has a Nautilus-like lined-texture motif on the dials.
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