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Father's Day is right around the corner. For a limited time, you can gift the quality of a Waldan product for a fraction of the price. Use code “DAD25” at checkout and take 25% off your Heritage Watch or any strap from now until 06/18.
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For over 30 years, Waldan has produced exquisite timepieces for jewelers and clients across the globe. Discover the storied history of the Waldan brand.

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IW Magazine
On the Wrist: Wearing a Waldan
During these past few weeks, eyeing my wrist has been pleasurable – and relaxing. I’ve been wearing a Waldan Heritage Professional watch with an off-white dial, and this 40mm watch’s clean time-only face requests very little from my brain. I’m lulled by its familiar, soft color and plainspoken display, which immediately registers the hour, minutes and seconds…and then seems to back off.
Time + Tide
Five (More) Watches That Get The Nod From Watch Snobs Under $1K.
In a world where we all carry the most accurate pocket watches ever made (smartphones), there is no urgency to spend thousands of dollars on a timepiece. So to the broader marketplace, we hear you. But we also want you to be able to join in on the fun, so I have compiled yet another list of watches under $1000 USD that I believe will also get the nod from watch snobs.
The Watchmaker’s Apprentice: How Waldan Watches Embraces Its Legacy
The story of Waldan Watches is one of passion and, initially, survival. Oscar Waldan was a Polish boy in his late teens when World War II broke out. When the war began, Oscar was arrested and sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, where he ended up meeting a watchmaker named Manek who took him under his wing and made Oscar an apprentice. As Andrew Waldan, son of Oscar Waldan and CEO and Head of Design at Waldan Watches, tells it, Manek taught Oscar the basics of watchmaking—a skill that deemed Oscar useful at the camp and ultimately allowed him to survive the war.
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